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Agua de Sedona

10 ML Agua de Sedona

10 ML Agua de Sedona

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Sedona Spirit Water

Agua de Sedona is a divine plant elixir roll on to anoint, protect and cleanse, with notes of citrus and a sweet floral finishing to a woodsy musk. Its' smell hearkens back to a fresh spring morning in a high desert red rock arroyo. It is "The Spirit of Sedona in a Bottle,"  alchemized with love.

Each mindfully crafted batch is infused with the very essence of Red Rock Country, making Agua de Sedona the quintessential local, handcrafted, artisan perfume of Sedona. Designed as a unisex blend, we offer this potion to all in the spirit of enhancing and elevating one's daily practice of intention, meditation and exploring the realms of spirit.

Each small batch is created with 100% natural, premium pure grade essential oils. Key notes: grapefruit, ylang ylang, jasmine, cedarwood, vetiver

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