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Love Body Butter

Love Body Butter

Love Body Butter

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Tantalizing Edible Skin Food For Your Face, Body, Massage & Sensual Play!

Indulge in a sensorial experience with our healthy, edible, multiple use skin food that will envelop all of your senses in deep splendor. Nourish your body from head to toe with a product that’s perfect for daily moisturizing, massage, and as a lube for sensual play, all in one! Put on your skin, and your partner's skin the pure and healthy ingredients you would want to put in your body!

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Cacao Butter: Rich in fatty acids, cacao butter hydrates and nourishes the skin, improving its elasticity. Its natural fat content forms a protective barrier, locking in moisture and enhancing skin’s overall health.
  • Coconut Oil: Renowned for its moisturizing properties, coconut oil boosts the moisture content of dry skin and enhances skin function. It helps prevent excessive water loss and protects against external factors like infectious agents, chemicals, and allergens.

Why Love Body Butter?

  • All-Natural and Edible: Enjoy the luxury of a skin food that’s as pure as the food you eat.
  • Multi-Purpose: Ideal as an everyday moisturizer with only pure organic ingredients, for massage and sensual play (Inside & Out)!
  • Long-Lasting Freshness: Love Body Butter does not need refrigeration and always remains fresh.

Transform Your Skin Care Routine

Experience the magic of cacao butter and coconut oil, the two powerhouse ingredients in Love Body Butter. Together, they create a superfood for your skin, perfect for pampering yourself and sharing with loved ones.

Available Now: Treat yourself and feel the love in every application, for yourself and for your partner!

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Customer Reviews

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Just Divine and Protective!

All I have to say is that I so LOVE this Body Butter!!! Not only do my partner and I smell like yummy chocolate when we massage each other and our intimate, but our skin feels so soft and silky and our bodies just flow so sensually and perfectly together!! And what I love the most, is that Yeast Infections that happened before Love Body Butter are a thing of the past! It's not something that either of us have to think about or worrying about during our intimacy! Because of the coconut oil element has antimicrobial properties that protect against harmful microorganisms! Also good against skin infections, like acne, cellulitis, folliculitis and athlete's foot! An all in one Love & Body Care!

Thank you so much Faith for this wonderful feedback! We so appreciate it!

Bill Collins
I can’t believe it’s not butter

Skin never been softer, smells like melted chocolate cookies, melts instantly at touch, excellent addition to our therapeutic massage ritual
Adove and Bill

Thank you Adove and Bill!

Jim Reich, Owner of Wine Tours Of Sedona
Indulging in Love Body Butter is a sensory journey like no other.

The rich blend of cacao essence, cacao butter, and organic ingredients creates a luxurious experience for the skin, leaving it velvety smooth and deeply nourished. Massaging friends becomes a tactile symphony, a language of care that transcends words. The butter's velvety touch creates a shared moment of relaxation and joy, making it an invaluable addition to moments of connection. In a world filled with hurried routines, The Body Butter emerges as a reminder – self-care is not just personal; it's a gift we can extend to those we love. It's more than a skincare ritual; it's an act of tenderness, a shared journey to well-being.

Thank you so much Jim for this wonderful testimony! We so appreciate it!

Amalia Camateros, Shamanic Healer and Author of Spirit of the Stones
Love This Body Butter!

"The Love Body Butter is a sublime treat to not only nourish the physical body but enhances the sense of love and delight as well. A delicious sun screen, moisturizer and sensual treat all in one! The aroma sends you reeling, the cacao blend promotes healthy skin and it elevates your mood too. A whole body YES!"

Thank you Amalia for your wonderful review! We so appreciate it!